6 week transformation program, your mission if you choose to accept it, is to lose the max weight within 6 weeks. will guide your food and attend unlimited classes. We help you make it doable, enjoyable and sustainable.

how does it work

  • Weigh in at the beginning, middle and at the end.

  • Follow a calorie deficit process, you will receive your targeted calorie intake per day and a detailed meal plan

  • Choose your meal type (3 meals 3 snacks or Intermittent fasting)

  • Daily meals feedback, simply take a picture of each meal and send it on WhatsApp by end of each day, you will receive an email with all the details including the contact number to use for WhatsApp.

Please upload your front pic
Upload supported file (Max 15MB)

what's the cost

The total cost is AED 1400 for the full 6 weeks.

what if i don't like to count calories

You don't have to, and you will still get results, but the results will be much better if you do, it needs couple of weeks to get used to it, then slowly your eye will recognize the calories you are eating.


what if i don't have the right fitness level

Anyone can do this, it's for beginner, advanced, overweight, young, old ... etc. Mission 6 is designed for all fitness levels.

what if i travel

We have multiple exercises that you can do while traveling to keep your fitness level on track, ask your trainer and he/she can send you some.

how\can i join

You can join ANYTIME, starting next week. Sunday or Monday will always be the start of your transformation, fill the form below and will contact you soon with next steps.

For more info please email us

mission 6