Mission 4


FRIDAY 11/10/2019




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what is Mission 4

A 4 week fitness competition for all levels, challenge yourself and challenge others. FREE MONTH FOR THE WINNER

who can join

Anyone can join Mission 4, you just need to be on a monthly membership or mission 6 and your participation is free.

how does it work

  • 2 Assessments, before you start Mission 4 and at the end. 

  • 6 moves (KB drop squats, DB renegade row, Plate floor to over head, Plate crunches, Ball slams, DB snatches)

  • The weight you choose is up to you, but you can't change the weight by the 2nd assessment, this gives you an opportunity to go heavier when you join Mission 4 again.

  • The max number of reps you can do in 1 min for each move in the 1st assessment, your target is to beat those reps by the 2nd assessment. 

why 4 weeks

4 weeks of unlimited classes to improve your fitness, endurance, strength and stamina to beat your reps by end of Mission 4

how to join

Fill the form below to register your place, you can make the monthly membership or mission 6 payment on your assessment day

what if i don't have the right fitness level

Well, that's the reason of Mission 4, it's to improve your fitness level and be proud of yourself.

what if i travel

We have multiple Travel Workout exercises that you can do while traveling to keep your fitness level on track