Group personal training for 12 weeks with max. 4 people per session. We focus on shredding and reducing your body fat (BF%) to the lowest possible, building muscle for men and toning for women. 

Who can join

Anyone can join Mission 12, this is a personalized training, we take it step by step with beginners and go brutal with advanced.

How does it work

After sign up (form below), you will be contacted for full body assessment. Weight, body fat and muscle mass, we keep track of it during the 12 weeks

You will follow a nutrition plan designed specifically for your body, a training plan that is changed regularly according to targets.

Your nutrition will be guided through your assigned coach on a regular basis.

How does the sessions work

The number of sessions per week will be determined depending on the days you can commit to, however it should be between 3-5 sessions per week, you pay every 4 weeks in advance till the end of your 12 weeks.

What if i travel

Inform the coach with your travel dates, and your paid sessions will be frozen till you return. You will have to continue the same designed program while traveling.


What is the cost

3 sessions/week = AED 1490/month

4 sessions/week = AED1650 /month

5 sessions/week = AED 1750/month

+Gym Membership = AED 370 /month

24 hrs notice is required to cancel any session

How to join

Fill the form below to book your place, we will then contact you to arrange your assessment and start date.

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Thanks for submitting!, you will receive an email confirmation and contact you for the first assessment

Mission 12

Tranform your body and mind in 12 weeks