Join the world class fitness company in UAE

First Day

Arrive 10 minutes early to sign up and chat with your trainer,

You trainer will ask you some questions to understand your fitness background, injuries or medical issues if any. 

Take it Slow

If you haven't trained at all or been away for sometime, then take it slow in class, don't follow the exact process, take as many rests as you want, drink water when needed,

The trainer will be be with you at all times.

Warm up

The trainer will welcome you to class and our community, then we start with 1-2 minutes quick stretching, followed by 3-5 minutes warm up. The trainer will guide you and explain it.

During Class

The trainer will explain the class format, demonstrate moves and explain the easy and advanced option, all moves are written on a board. You might not memorize all the moves which is ok, usually there is a partner next to you or the trainer will help you.

The class is sweaty and fun.


Finally, we close the class with few minutes of full body stretching, this will reduce soreness and any potential aches the next day.